Daily interactions, smiles, laughs and sorrows have no cultural bounds. The similarities that make us
human and the life events that cause us to be different inspire my artistic vision. I am a people-watcher,
an observer who reads body language and facial expressions and finds there my principle source of artistic
The work is meant to express and expose common human imperfections, surrounding behaviors such as
greed, lust, jealousy, fear, love, and joy. Personal relationships between the artworks mimic the interactions
of everyday life. The ceramic objects are utilitarian amenities that people use on a daily basis:
plates, cups, and teapots. Thus the work brings self-awareness directly to the table. Function offers an
accessible point of entry to object and idea. It leads the viewer to play with the figures, explore them,
and at times be made uncomfortable by them. The ware is made to challenge comfort. It is heavy both
in weight and emotion, a metaphor for human interaction: one can fill a cup or render it empty.

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