Teaching Philosophy
There is more to artistic endeavor than creativity alone. It is important to introduce students to different ways of
thinking, communicating and expressing one self. A classroom should be a place where students explore, create and
formulate their artistic voices. As a facilitator, it is my job to engage, encourage and, at times, challenge students, guiding them towards a successful resolution. Students digest information differently, therefore it is my responsibility to treat every student as an individual, working one on one to understand where their passion lies. My intent is to direct and ask questions that foster growth and investigation, through cross- disciplinary historical studies, critical discourse, and artistic exploration. My objective is to create a classroom environment where students work together, share ideas, and offer constructive criticism, while learning from one another.

Classes Taught
Art Survey
Art History
Ceramics 1 & 2
Glaze Calculation
Ceramics Special Topics
Design 1 & 2
Drawing 1 & 2
Painting 1 & 2
Photography 1 & 2
Advanced Photography
Portfolio & Resume Development

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